Saturday, 19 July 2014


Rather than introducing myself in some leng as eff post, I thought i would post a list of facts about me and what this whole blogs about - so here goes

  1. My name is John
  2. I'm 6ft 5 tall - pretty tall
  3. I'm ginger and proud
  4. This blog is going to be all about mens fashion, lifestyle, music and other things that I like and want to chat about
  5. I recently graduated from university - I studied IT Management for Business at UWE in Bristol. Here I am with the fam
  6. I'm wanting to move to London because everything good in the world is in London, if not London then Manchester or Brighton - places with a similar vibe to Bristol but just not Bristol
  7. I currently reside in the market town of Devizes in Wiltshire, it's wank
  8. I live there with my dad
  9. I have an sister who lives in London
  10. I have a cat called Dolly - she's fat old and grumpy
  11. I have a varied music taste, but generally I like house, garage, disco etc but I do have a weakness for pop music - soz not soz
  12. I am a shoe obsessive
  13. I am also a t-shirt/general clothing obsessive 
  14. I am also an Apple product whore - iMac, macbook, iphone, ipad and apple tv (all completely necessary)
  15. I wish I was a DJ

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